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Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing or Local Search Engine Marketing? Which is better?

You probably here because you want to start capturing and attracting more leads, buyer traffic and increase your sales by way of SEO services Newark,
Social Media Marketing. We specialize in lead generation services. In order to attract a potential buyer crowd, you must have a winning product or service. You could be selling the prettiest bowl of coal but if no one is interested in buying a bowl of coal then you won’t get a sale. In today’s local search engine marketing practices there are too much clickbait, deceitfulness and shady practices being done just to get a click.

We do not practice that type of deceptive local search marketing, we run good, ethical and, effective what you see is what you get ads. What sense does it make if a user clicks your ad if they have no interest in your product what so ever? None, but so many marketers rather practice that shady style of advertising instead of just promoting their actual product or service. Whether they realize it or not but every click costs them money so why throw away money? Hey, promoting your actual product will work plus you get followers, leads and users that are actually interested in guess what? Your product! Amazing right? Not at all.

Now local search engine marketing, social media marketing and, lead generation are all similar marketing methods but different types of marketing and are totally different from one another. Lead generation is more sought after by more niches because it helps them more for longterm marketing. Lead generation also helps to increase revenue and grow your business daily. Lead generation is a bit harder because you must capture the attention of a prospect and then keep their attention long enough for them to fill out a form. Even that has changed over the years, in the past you create content or offer content then a prospect would give their email. Nowadays you have to ethically bribe them with lead magnets to get them to give an email address.

That way they get something for free and you get their email to further market to them later.  However, some prospects fill out rapid response lead forms to get information asap not wait later for an email. A lot of small businesses and local search engine marketers lose potential prospects by creating the wrong type of form. When creating their forms they should know whether they just want the email address or do they want to set up an appointment to talk to them.

Home | Effective Local Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Putting the wrong form can only cause confusion and loss of potential clientele because of them taking too long to contact them. For example, a prospect goes to a law firm website wanting to get legal representation. That type of prospect should be contacted immediately by telephone not later by email. So many small businesses lose the lead by not doing this or they have the option to contact you by sending them your contact information sent to them in an email (which most of the time life gets in the way and they do not contact you).

More importantly, when constructing a lead form you must decide whether you will have an immediate phone response or later email response. We have dropped many clients because we run ads and get them hundreds of leads but they take too long to respond to the lead and they lose them but they get upset and want to blame us.

We iterate that we delivered the lead but they dropped the ball, so no matter what agency you use for your ads please have the proper system set up to nurture the leads. If you want a name, email and phone number in a form then have the staff to contact them within 24hours but more preferably within one hour. Remember it is not the responsibility of the agency to respond to your leads, we fulfilled our part we got you the leads so it’s your job to sell your services so put a good response system in place so you get your money worth and to grow your business.

We use Facebook ads to get all our clients leads though most business owners do not use social media ads but they need to realize Facebook is where all the customers are. No matter what niche your business is in Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide.

facebook - Home | Effective Local Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing

“Worldwide, there are over 2.41 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of June 2019. This is an 8 percent increase in Facebook MAUs year over year.”Zephoria.com

With that many users and with Facebook stockpiling key buyer data that is crucial to selling any product or service on the planet. When you seclude your business from social media marketing and especially Facebook marketing you are being left way behind the curve and potentially losing thousands of dollars each month if not weekly.

Facebook Usage Statistics – As of June 30, 2017, Facebook enjoys 2.01 billion monthly active users. 2. 79% of Americans use Facebook—the platform with the second closest usage percentage is Instagram, at 32%.” – Wordstream

There are three places your business needs to advertise in 2019 and beyond and Facebook is number 1. The second place is Google. Google is a must because it is the largest search engine on the planet. the third place is drumroll please…. yes you guessed it right Youtube. Why Youtube? Because whether you know it or not Youtube happens to be the second biggest search engine in the world only second to Google.  You should be there for two important reasons, that’s where all your potential customers search for answers to their problems. We live in the information technology age whereas everyone searches online first to solve a problem before going to a place or person for the answer. Most likely 9 out of 10 times Google or YouTube recommended the answer and where to go to get it. Secondly, Youtube has the number one thing that captures people’s attention the most… Videos. You know for yourself people’s attention spans are really short these days and the only thing that keeps attention is pictures, sound, and VIDEOS!

The third place to be to get the most customers in 2019 and beyond is on mobile devices. A short time ago Google penalized any website that was not mobile-friendly because statistics show more and more users are searching on mobile devices. Check for yourself, look around you are bound to see someone looking on their smartphones searching for products or services or just on Facebook looking at ads or quotes. So if you are not using a mobile-friendly website then chances are your profit margins are almost obsolete. We can bring you up to speed by updating your website and create winning ads for youtube and facebook. Give us a call today or fill out the form below.

Home | Effective Local Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can also be used as a powerful lead generation tool

Social Media Traffic – Is It As Good As They Say It Is? Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are prime examples of social media marketing websites. When an individual is putting almost all their efforts into search engine marketing, they lose the one solution social media traffic offers… support. Let’s say you have a new website and also you need to generate traffic to that website. If you want to get access it the very first pages of the search engines like google and yahoo, you may have to work very hard to obtain organic traffic for a certain keyword otherwise you may pay hundreds if not, thousands of dollars on advertisements.

If you do have a big, responsive social media audience, all it takes is letting your followers/friends know you do have a new site. If you have plenty of followers or friends, you can acquire a great deal of traffic returning to your web site.
A big mistake people do is follow people so they can get followers. Unfortunately, it might be a popularity contest instead of a real audience. These people followed you do not simply because they like your work, they follow you simply because they would like you to follow them back. If you don’t, you’ll realize you will get unfollowed in a couple of weeks. Do you think celebrities, athletes, and musicians worry about following people back?

No, the people who follow them love their work a great deal they desire to be updated on the next big thing they’re focusing on. You can do exactly the same thing together with your audience and have tons of traffic returning to. Your audience is on the market and it merely requires for you to obtain them to follow along with or friend you. The social media traffic is great because you can get traffic with a brand new website that hasn’t even been indexed in the search engines like yahoo and Google. Another good thing about social media marketing can be that your audience fully supports you. Once you alert them about your newest product or project, They will be prepared to take action much quicker and much easier than the usual compared to a brand new visitor who has never heard of you before.

The best traffic is repeat traffic because these people feel like they are fully aware of you. If you provide them with high-quality content and high quality offers that really help them change their lives, you’ll see how strong your online business will become.

Home | Effective Local Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Using Local Search Engine Marketing: Google Maps

Everyone on the planet knows about Google, probably more than 95% of internet users use Google every day and use it more than once per day. Google is the largest search engine in the world. So you would be a fool not to advertise on Google. Or even utilize their free Google My Business listing service where they list your business by category an location on their search engine. They also list your business in all the big mapping systems like Google maps (kinds obsolete not). TomTom, Garmin, MapQuest, Apple and many more.

Local Search Engine Marketing & social media marketing are very lucrative and will get your business phone ringing but only if you are ranked on the first page for your keywords. Your business info, your website or content should also be positioned higher then the others on social media sites such as Facebook marketplace too. We all know being list on page 1 of Google search result is like having the golden goose that lays pure 24kt eggs all day every day. Everyone wants to be ranked on page one of the search engines but it is not easy to rank for especially for high competition keywords such as “lawyer or attorney”. To rank high there are many factors one must take into consideration. Your content must be seen as relevant by Google’s search algorithms.

Google’s search engine is designed to give its users the most relevant and up to date information. Google uses many different factors to determine this and not all are known, not even to the best of search engine specialist. So the main idea is when you create content, make it meaningful. create content that users will find it irresistible to read. Never put rehashed or spun articles on a money site you want to rank high in search engines. Google actually punishes webmasters, bloggers, and marketers when they try to use rehashed or scrambled text trying to beat the algorithm. Social media marketing Experts such as our agency only use top and well-established content creators that write action-packed meaty content. Why even try to trick Google and risk getting put at the last pages of the search engine where no one will see it. So if you have a business create content about what new ways you are helping people, though many people only start small businesses to make money overall your business helps people.

Another thing is when you create content about your service, product or business do not make it too salesy. Most readers or potential customers do not like being sold to or having the feeling like you forcing your product or service on them. We focus on what your service or product can do for people. Our videos let people know how you can solve a problem they’re having. We instruct our copywriters to only focus on helping people not selling our products. Now, of course, we want to sell our video marketing, SEO & social media marketing services but only to people, or businesses they can help grow. For example, we have a video campaign service that will put your service on the front page of Google local search results that will be  ranked for many niche based keywords that basically allows a business to dominate a certain area when users search for that niche keyword. We used to sell only 25 videos per month but raised the bar by giving 100 monthly videos.

Do you realize the power of syndication and how it can blow up your local business? Local businesses need their cintent on social media so it increases their lead generation and search engine marketing power.
YouTube is a great lead generation tool

Video is the best Lead Generation tool for Search Engine Marketing

In addition to creating 100 monthly commercial videos, we also build them a powerful branded YouTube channel with their business name, number address and company logo on the channel with a short description of what they do. This alone s a game-changer because we create a personalized Youtube channel banner also bearing their company logo. Do you see the advertising/marketing potential of having this service? The videos are 100 automated salesmen going out on the internet broadcasting the services, the products and even what the business offers. We create videos with one thing in mind, to get them, new customers. Each video contains slideshows of premium HD quality images that explain the business’ services and products.

Do you realize the power of syndication and how it can blow up your local business? Local businesses need their cintent on social media so it increases their lead generation and search engine marketing power.

We then take one step further, we then syndicate each video using the latest social media marketing methods. Every video is uploaded to social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress and many more. Each video including the YouTube channel points back to their website and acts as powerful social media marketing ranking juice. You may ask “What is ranking juice?” Ranking Juice is high authority backlinks that help to push their websites on the first page of Google. As you see the video campaigns help the client in many ways not to mention it gets more eyeballs on their branding. You know familiarity is what sells.

Using social media marketing can give your local business massive exposure. When someone is familiar with your brand when they’re presented with a problem your business could possibly solve your small business will come to their minds first. So we explained in a lot of detail to you why video and YouTube are highly imperative to use for marketing your small business.

Now we ask you one more question… When do you want to start?

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you ASAP with and quote on all the exciting and crucial opportunities we have to offer you.


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