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What is an real estate appraiser and how they advertise?

What is a real estate appraiser and how they advertise?

What is a real estate appraiser and how they advertise?

Real Estate Detectives

The function of a real estate appraiser is to determine what a particular piece of property is worth. Clients for this industry can be found in a number of different areas:

Government: every time the government condemns a property or reassesses taxes, they will need to know the value of the property.

Attorneys: whether they are distributing an estate or representing clients in a business partnership break-up or marriage where couples or partners must divide the real estate.

Buyers and/or sellers: before listing or buying a home, individuals will want to know the value of their property.

Insurance carriers: before making property damage settlements, insurance carriers will want to know the current value of the property they are insuring.

Banks: loans are not made or a home foreclosed on without the value of the property being established.

Appraisers can either specialize in one of the above or just handle residential or commercial properties, but many larger companies cover all the bases. Not all areas of real estate are moving at the same pace at the same time. If an appraiser is able to handle a cross-section of the market, he can stay busy dealing with residential when commercial is soft and vice versa.

Real estate Appraisers – Method to the Madness

Real estate appraisers don’t just look over a property and make a well-educated guess when evaluating the worth of a particular property. Appraisers are required by the two professional societies that represent the industry — the Society of Real Estate Appraisers and the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers — to apply the following approaches;

Cost Approach: First you ascertain all the separate parts of a property — what was originally paid for the property and the structure (s) on the property. You’re not looking for construction flaws so you don’t need to be an engineer, but you do have to have a basic knowledge of construction. Then you need to establish what the construction costs would be if you were building today. Then you deduct the depreciation on the existing property since its purchase and construction. The end result: the cost of the property.

Market Data Approach: Comparing sales in the same community that compare with the property you are appraising. You must add any appreciation or deduct any depreciation and adjust for differences such as size or upgrades.

Income Approach: This approach assumes that the owner might wish to retain the property and garner income by renting it out. You would need to compare the rentals charged for similar commercial or residential structures in the same community and calculate what your client may make as a net income prior to mortgage payments.

Appraisers are expected to use all three approaches to arrive at the fair market value of the property they are appraising unless there are no income-producing properties in the same area.

Determining the value of a property involves a great deal more effort than just going to the courthouse and finding out what similar property has recently sold for. It is necessary to determine the reasons a property sold for what it sold for… An appraiser needs to look beyond the bottom line on the deed. Perhaps the negotiations stretched over a long period of time — the deed (and agreed-upon price) could be dated a year or two earlier than it was actually finalized. Perhaps a seller was in a bind and sold below market because he/she was making an overnight move. All of these factors must be examined when determining the property’s value.

Here’s where you really have to make like Sherlock Holmes. You will have to dig up clues through your detective work — talk to the buyer and seller or the attorneys and real estate brokers involved in the sale. A good deal of an appraiser’s fees are predicated upon their good judgment and their ability to get to the bottom of a real estate deal and find accurate and meaningful numbers.

You can really capitalize on your leg work if you are able to appraise more than one similar property within a reasonable time period. Most lenders require residential property comparisons no more than 6 months apart although commercial properties may stay current for a much longer period of time.

Nuts and Bolts

Few appraisers charge strictly by the hour. The type of appraisal required varies dramatically from client to client. For example, a bank may supply much of the back-up information and provide a form for you to fill in, thus cutting down greatly on the amount of time required to make the assessment. On the other hand, a homeowner may want a written report which requires more extensive research and a lot more time. Typically appraisers for commercial real estate take much longer than for residential properties. So when structuring your fee schedule, you will have to consider all of the above factors and many more.

Most successful appraisal firms fall under two categories: solo appraisers with no overhead and large firms with 15 to 30 employees. The in-between firms have problems meeting their overhead because they need the same data as a large firm and are not generating the income to meet the expenses.

A solo operator can easily run his/her office from a spare room in his/her home and needs to have a minimum of equipment: a telephone, tape measure, and a camera. You can use your own car to travel from property to property, and if you can type, buy a typewriter (or preferably a word processor). You will also need to advertise, perhaps in professional banking or law journals or in the Yellow Pages.

To grow — Yes or No?

Adding a partner will probably also mean adding office space and a full-time secretary. These two additions to your overhead can equate to 50% of your fees. And in supplies, car insurance, and taxes such as Social Security, and you’re adding anywhere from 0% to 25% more your fees.

Marketing will become more and more crucial as you grow because you will want to grow as fast as you can in order to keep fees increasing at the same rate as your overhead. As mentioned before, medium-sized firms are not cost-effective because three appraisers need as much data as 100 appraisers.

Top marketing experts agree that utilizing a great video marketing strategy is one of the absolute best things you can do to improve your business. By implementing intelligent and effective video marketing techniques you are sure to dramatically increase both your sales and profits.

A successful marketing strategy will translate directly to increased profits. This works for all niches such as:

Carpet Cleaners
DUI attorney
massage therapist
pediatric dentist
roofing contractor
senior care
Mortgage brokers
Restaurant Owners
Car Dealers
Appliances stores
Gyms/Health Clubs
In-Home Care
Auto Repair
Car Rentals
and much, much, more

Between the videos showing up on Google and networking your real estate appraisal business will be on the minds of thousands. Networking will also help increase your deducting skills. If you have strong real estate contacts you may be able to go through their files instead of wading through stacks of information at the courthouse. A number of real estate appraisal firms join real estate organizations that provide updated sales prices and descriptions of properties.

Another area that can become income-producing is real estate brokering. Some appraisers consider this a conflict of interest but there is no law against putting some of your profits into investments or development of properties. If you’re a skillful detective and have confidence in your own abilities, who would know a good deal better than you?


What is the American Dream — a BIG [email protected]$%ing Dilemma?

What is the American Dream — a BIG [email protected]$%ing Dilemma?

What is the American Dream -- a BIG F@$%ing Dilemma?

Most American moms and dads still have the same dreams they had a few years ago; buy a home, provide for their children, and send the kids to college, but the price tag for fulfilling this dream climbs higher and higher every day. Long gone are the days when the husband went off to work in the mornings and the wife stayed home cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, and baking cookies. Very few families can live on one income and that means that both parents have to go out and find work.

Unless… he/she can find a way to stay home and still earn a living. And that is just what many enterprising moms and dads are choosing to do. Cottage industries are springing up all over the country. Affiliate marketing and local writing business marketing can be one of the most lucrative of these cottage industries. For the price of a computer, printer, software, a person with a background in marketing can create his/her own in-home business.

the American Dream – One Step at a Time

Before you begin your affiliate or local business marketing business, do your homework. Find out what is the best affiliate program to start and the best niche of choice in today’s business community. You will want your computer system to be compatible with your clients. Next, look at the make-up of your industrial area, an arts community, a thriving business area? By checking out the demographics of your area, you can make a decision regarding the type of advertising you want to use.

In the beginning, for local writing business marketing, you will want to try all sorts of advertising: neighborhood newspapers are an inexpensive way to advertise, but they usually only publish on a weekly basis and that may not be enough to keep the clients rolling in. You can put your name on the bulletin board at your local supermarket and pass out flyers door-to-door in large office buildings or other business complexes. Although it may be more expensive than neighborhood newspapers, you may want to run an ad in your local daily newspaper (in the business services section). Church bulletins and university newspapers that sell advertising may also be a relatively inexpensive way to go. And get your business cards printed up right away. Don’t let a client walk out the door without one or two business cards. repeat business and word-of-mouth may well be your best advertising tool.

Whatever means you choose to employ in your advertising, do yourself a favor and track the responses. Put a checklist next to your telephone and whenever a call comes in (whether you get the job or not) ask the prospective client where he found out about you. It won’t take long for you to discover where your most cost-effective advertising comes from and when you know that, you can punch it up and drop the ones that aren’t doing anything for you.

Be Prepared

One telephone call will be the only opportunity you have to sell your service. If you hesitate when asked a price for a particular project, you’ll probably lose the job so do your homework. Call the competition, ask what they are charging. If the competition is out of your immediate geographic area (and you are therefore not a threat to their livelihood), you may want to be straight with them and tell them you are starting a local business marketing business and ask for their input. You may be surprised to find them willing to help out with important information.

A Potpourri of Projects

Keep in mind that there is a myriad of documents that need to be typed: business letters, articles, forms, tables, screenplays, resumes, etc. It will be possible to set a basic rate — a flat rate for double or single-spaced pages — but don’t lock yourself in over the phone! Clients may not be accurately describing the type of work they want you to do, so remember the words “straight text”.

For example, a prospective client may call asking what you charge for 4 single-spaced pages. You answer 45.00 per page, straight text. Then when the client comes, you discover that what he has is 4 pages of extremely complicated tables — definitely NOT STRAIGHT TEXT. By not making firm pricing commitments over the phone, you will have the flexibility to up the ante when a client brings you something other than what you were expecting.

Don’t forget that many people don’t know the difference between a single or doubled spaced pages. To some clients, a resume may be a single-spaced page, but it takes a lot longer to type than a business letter and you will want to charge more for resumes. You will want to establish an hourly rate for tables, transcription and other more time-consuming jobs.

Your pricing will change as you become more familiar with what your clients demand.. You may find yourself doing a lot of list maintenance and merge letters or you may be doing work primarily for doctors, or attorneys. Have a good basis for your pricing but be flexible.

Control Your American Dream Growth

As the demand for your writing services grows, you will have to make a number of difficult decisions… Do you want to move out of your home and into an office? Do you have the work to warrant hiring a part or full-time employees or use subcontractors? There Is an upside and downside to each of these options. If you opt to open an outside office, you lose the convenience of working at home.

But staying in the home has its own set of headaches. How convenient is your location for your clients? Is there plenty of parking? Where do you put your new employees as you grow? Do you have the capital to provide the additional equipment for the employees’ use? And are you ready to be less available to the occasional client showing up on your doorstep after hours, on weekends, or even on a holiday? When you have an office at home, you may find yourself having a difficult time getting away from your work. You hear the telephone ring after hours, and if you’re short of work, you may want to take the call even if it’s midnight.

An office outside the home will allow you to separate your work from your home-life but means you aren’t available when the kids come home from school, you have to commute to the office, and you will not have the flexibility to work at odd hours to finish outside a project that is coming due. Also, setting up an office outside the home will increase your overhead dramatically. One option that a number of writers have taken is office-sharing, bartering typing services for office space. This will take a number of hours from your week but it will provide you with office space without a heavy cash-outlay. If you can find someone in need of list clerical assistance and room to share, this might be an efficient economical way to go.

You may decide to stay at home and expand your business by using subcontractors. There is a lot of writers who own their own computers who prefer to work strictly on a part-time basis, in their own homes.. they could be glad to take your excess workload on an as-needed basis. As long as you can find an abundance of subcontractors, this may be the ideal way for you to increase your business. Using subcontractors eliminates the need to pay benefits and taxes, it keeps your overhead costs down, and essentially you will be garnering a profit from each page the subcontractor types.

As with you are with any employee, you will want to be extremely vigilant as to the quality of work your subcontractor does and how reliably he/she meets the deadlines you set. Nothing will ruin your business quicker than not meeting your deadlines. And this business tends to be one where your clients need their work back “yesterday”.

Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

When you are typing your fingers to the bone and can’t see over the stack of work in your in-basket, you will not be thinking about where your next job is coming from. Don’t forget that eventually that stack of work is going to get done, and you may find yourself, twiddling your thumbs instead of using them to hit the spacebar. You should always continue to market. Don’t stop advertising. You may find you need to allow yourself more time to get the work done, but let the prospective client decide if your turnaround time isn’t fast enough for him/her. Keep your name out there, that’s how you’ll get a firm foundation laid for your American Dream business.

It’s Not Always Easy

The turnover ratio in the writer’s business is extremely high. Too many American content writers think that owning a computer and knowing how to type is all it takes. Not so! Probably the primary characteristic found amongst successful word processors is a strong work ethic, flexibility, and perseverance.

You may find that in order to get a good job, you will have to work 14 straight days and put in 16 hour days. The next week, you may not have enough work to stay busy for 4 hours a day. It’s a make it while you’ve got it business, very seasonal, and very unpredictable. After you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll be able to predict the really busy times (i.e., the end of the semester if you’re near a college); and the really slow times (i.e., the week between Christmas and New Years).

In addition to doing the work involved, supervising American subcontractors and continuing to market, it will be necessary to spend a certain amount of time keeping up with new innovations in the computer and software fields. If the fellow next door has a beautiful new laser printer and the most up-to-date software and you’re still using the prior year’s system, you may find yourself being passed over for the high-profit American Dream jobs. The computer and software industries are constantly upgrading their products and you’ll have to keep up or risk being left behind.

The Wave of the Future

As American business people, writers, and others become more familiar with the services provided by independent content writers, the demand for these services is bound to grow. This type of service is ideal for the small business person’s use. Instead of hiring a part-time secretary and having to pay the attendant benefits and taxes, a small business person can utilize the services of an independent word processor and thus keep down their overhead.

Larger American organizations save big dollars also by farming their work out instead of using temporary American employment agencies. Unless the project cannot be taken off the organization’s premises. When they have an overflow of work. By using an independent, the organization gets the work done but doesn’t have to pay for the additional equipment, benefits, and the fees charged by temporary placement agencies.

Although students aren’t the American Dream cash cows they used to be, there is still work to be had in that area, especially at the end of the semester. Many students now have their own computers (they used to get typewriters for graduation presents, now they get computers), so during the semester, they will do their own typing. Your best bet among students are either the professionals, going to school part-time, who don’t have time to type their own papers and that rare student who doesn’t type.

Be creative. Perhaps you will want to offer comprehensive clerical support services to your clients in addition to writing content: do their mailings, keep their client lists up to date, or even do some light bookkeeping or accounting. If you feel comfortable writing, perhaps you can write resumes for your clients or do other freelance writing as the need arises. Don’t limit yourself, be flexible and you’ll find yourself branching out, perhaps in spite of yourself.


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