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Do you want to attract new business in your local area with Video Marketing?

Did you know how many local SEO prospects you can attract by just using explainer videos? Service explainer Videos is the newest way to capture attention and present and educate viewers on any service or products. Video marketing is the newest trend for local business promotion, you can post a video on social media, on your website or just on your youtube channel. We use videos in various ways but our best way is to rank it on youtube and Google to advertise your local business. Video marketing combined with local SEO is a powerful strategy.

It’s your time to Dominate within 15 miles of your area with the power of videos attracting more buyer leads and customers to your local business daily. By using our monthly Google ranked videos that show up on the first page for hundreds of keywords give your local business more exposure then am paid ad and cost much less. Think just how many people would see your video if they were searching for an “Emergency Dentist Near Me” and your video is ranked for that keyword also.

The Google local searcher’s eye will look at the results and eyes will automatically drift to your video with the visually attractive thumbnail with your logo, business address and maybe you working on a patient? Your video will have premium professional taken images or images you gave us with your staff working with dental clients or even happy client testimonials.. Now you tell me which is will attract more eyes, some words or a bright crystal clear thumbnail asking you to just press play?

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Just imagine how many people would notice your video and call to schedule an appointment? Another great thing about the video is you do it once and it keeps working for you. NO repeatedly answering the same questions because of the video answers all. Our service videos take the mystery out of what you do, all your services are explained in a short precise way then it tells the viewer to contact you for more info. Now, do you see the importance of having one of our videos on the Internet being your online salesperson?

Google, Youtube, and Local SEO combined equals to hundreds of calls per month.

Can you imagine how many new clients you’ll get by having one video? Now imagine 100 of those online salespersons doing all the work and you just answer the phone and schedule appointments. Just to think your videos will be shown to hundreds if not thousands within a 15-mile radius of your business address. Whew, that is some good marketing. We forgot to mention that yo will also bee seen as a authority of your niche. Watch the video right above and see the actual process and see how the entire system works.

Local SEO is not a “pie in the sky” service, it is hard work, but it is a service all local businesses need to succeed in business today.  Too many local businesses fail because they lack the experience and know how to get their business showing up in search engine rankings. Don’t become one of them. the Local SEO service we provide only helps you gain customers.

90% of purchases take place in physical stores and 80% of US disposable income is spent within 20 miles of home. Moz – Local SEO

Any business can be promoted with my Local SEO Video Marketing service. Even in very competitive niches such as (Legal, Real Estate, Insurance and other).

Still, Wondering can Video Marketing benefit your business?


Here are a few examples of businesses we are able to promote:

  • Florists
  • Gyms
  • Contractors
  • Roofing
  • Health Clubs
  • Lawyers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Dentists
  • Physicians
  • Doctors
  • Any other business-related activities whose customers go into Google or YouTube and search for a solution for their problem.

So if you are looking to gain more website traffic, more appointment phone calls or get more leads and sales then we got you covered. With more and more customers searching Google’s local Search shouldn’t you be on that first page results to get more eyes on your local business? Remember one of the most searched words are keyword + near me. Don’t you want to pop up as the closest restaurant near me? or Nail salon near me? the list goes on and on so put your local business where it can get seen by more buyers nearest YOU! Your video will stick out way more than a bunch of words!!!

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